The Greenford Team

Greenford Energy has a multi - disciplinary team, made up of highly qualified and experienced Engineering personnel with cognate working experience in the Oil & Gas Sector. We maintain a full time staff of experienced structural, mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation engineers. From designing a simple system to complex oil and gas treating facilities, our team is here to support your project.

Greenford Energy develops/build, procure and install equipments (including SCADA System - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems, Communications facilities, etc) to Detect, Locate and Quantify pipeline leaks in real time.

Greenford Energy specializes in Real-Time pipeline monitoring using acoustic and other techniques which provide unique advantages for pipeline leak detection.

GREENFORD ENERGY offers a variety of training and consulting services with a host of professionals in structural, mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation engineering that design, install, manage, calibrate systems and facilities ranging from simple systems to more complex oil and gas treating facilities.

Greenford Energy works in some foreign firms who function as technical partners with her.
They include:

Multiphase Solutions Inc. (MSI)

Innovative Control Solutions (ICS)

Greenford Energy USA Inc.

Our research partners are spread across The University of Port Harcourt and The Federal University of Owerri, Nigeria