Real-Time Pipeline Surveillance

Pipelines are the safest method for transporting hydrocarbon fluid, compared with trucking, rail or marine transportation.
Pipeline leaks are typically below ground level and not readily visible. The costs of the leaks are enormous. Demand is on the rise for accurate and reliable monitoring systems for pipelines.
Greenford specializes in Real-Time pipeline monitoring using acoustic and other techniques which provide unique advantages for pipeline leak detection such as:

    o Miniimal time to detect and locate leaks, typically within one minute of leak occurrence.
    o Very accurate leak location calculation, typically within ± 30meters or ± 0.1% of monitor span.
    o Extremely low false alarm rate (typically less than one per year)
    o Used in most of the pressurized pipelines, including single phase liquid, single phase gas and multi-phase flow pipelines.
    o Very sensitive in terms of detection and location of very small leaks.
    o Detection of leaks with or without (shut-in) flow, steady state as well as various transient operations (valve open/close, pump shut down/start-up, flow increase/decrease, etc.)
    o Very easy to install and operate.
    o Continuous leak detection with loss of communications from part of system setup.
    o Minimum maintenance, no calibration required.
    o Used for automatic valve shut off upon detection of leak (if enabled)
    o Calculate flow loss volume during leak.
    o Reduced financial loss for product and for cleanup in case of accidents