offers a variety of training courses for companies. Training programs are conducted for groups ranging from field technicians to managers, and are tailored to addressing specific concerns. Classes are generally team-taught by Greenford’s professionals with the help of Greenford's senior technicians. Special guest lecturers from the various flow measurement industries are often used to supplement the learning experience. Hands-on labs are designed to illustrate the functionality of certain flow concepts and principles; observations of actual lab testing provide insight and understanding of the daily operation of a flow measurement lab.

Currently, Greenford Energy offers the following measurement courses:
    o fundamental flow measurement,
    o advanced flow measurement,
    o production well testing, oil and gas metering,
    o custody transfer operations.
    o issues in hydrocarbon measurement and flow measurement uncertainty.
GREENFORD ENERGY also provides consulting services. Our experience in flow measurement research and consultancy services include:
    o measurement uncertainty analysis
    o production reconciliation and custody transfer dispute resolution
    o equipment pass-fail testing
    o technical audit of fiscal facilities
    o flow system modelling